Hairmates Salon has been a Stoneham landmark at the corner of Main Street and Montvale Ave for almost 40 years. Since 1977, our hair stylists in Stoneham, MA have been providing high quality hair services to help our clients look and feel their best. We stay on the cutting edge of the beauty industry and continue to educate ourselves on the latest hairstyles, products, and technology. Hairmates hair stylists specialize in hair color, hair extensions, keratin straightening and more. We are a family of creative professionals dedicated to providing our clients with the best salon experience possible.

hair stylist and owner of HairMates Michael Mitrano

Michael Mitrano

Owner / Hair Stylist / Colorist
hair stylist and colorist George Mitrano

George Mitrano

Hair Stylist / Colorist
colorist and hair stylist Joe Mitrano 

Joe Mitrano

Hair Stylist / Colorist
hair stylist and colorist Dave Mitrano 

Dante Mitrano

Hair Stylist / Colorist
HairMates salon manager Julie McEvoy

Julie McEvoy

Salon Manager
Daniella Colella hair stylist and colorist at HairMates 

Daniella Colella

Hair Stylist / Colorist
hair stylist and colorist Amara Tsampas 

Amara Tsampas

Hair Stylist / Colorist
Extension specialist, hair stylist and colorist Jenn Antonelli 

Jenn Antonelli

Hair Stylist / Colorist / Extension Specialist
HairMates salon hair stylists and colorist Diana Cady

Diana Cady

Hair Stylist / Colorist
Jade McAuley hair stylist and colorist at HairMates salon 

Jade McAuley

Hair Stylist / Colorist
Kara Berg hair stylist and colorist 

Kara Berg

Hair Stylist / Colorist
Hair stylist and colorist Ashley Adams 

Ashley Adams

Hair Stylist / Colorist
Stoneham HairMates Salon hair stylist and colorist Cheryl Vannah 

Cheryl Vannah

Hair Stylist / Colorist
Nikki Buckley hair stylist and colorist 

Nikki Buckley

Hair Stylist / Colorist
Esthetician Silva Mizher at HairMates Salon 

Silva Mizher

Receptionist Anthony D'Allensandro at HairMates Salon in Stoneham

Anthony D'Allesandro

hair stylist and colorist Nicole Story Spinny 

Nicole Story Spinny

Hair Stylist / Colorist
Master Lash Artist Maranda


Master Lash Artist
Hair Stylist / Colorist Kaleigh


Hair Stylist / Colorist

Dee Bailey

Hair Stylist / Assistant


Hair Stylist


Hair Stylist